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Organic farm Green Future was established by Ivan Bakalov and his family in 2000. The farm has been fundamental to the success of the business. It has been the basis for the company philosophy and policies. From the first of growing to all the way to the sale of our organic raspberries, Raspberries- Ivan Bakalov is obliged to guarantee excellent product quality. The perfect raw material, highly qualified staff and very good production capacity are the strong points of our company.


A long tradition and years of experience as raspberry grower and berry processor have provided solid foundations for our rapidly-growing company, which has since become one of the leaders in exporting of organic berries, serving the wholesale industry. Our clients are well- known European companies specialize on production of organic food for the end customer.


  • 100 percent Organic Raspberries
  • Raspberry of top quality with the best colour and flavour
  • Maximum taste: fruit is picked at its peak of maturity



Organic fruit and vegetables are better for people, for our planet, and our future.


Our mission is to preserve the product that we offer as pure as possible for our customers and consumers. In order to reach this goal, we apply integrated production methods and quality monitoring with great respect for nature and the environment. We control the entire production chain, from the selection of plants to packing and distribution.