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Organic raspberry farm “Green Future” is located in southern Bulgaria, nearby the beautiful city of Plovdiv. The farm covers 30 hectares all of which is used to produce organic raspberries. We seek to farm in such a way that we support and care for nature, while providing delicious fresh and frozen raspberries for our customers.



Our farm’s product is 100% organic. We are organic certified according to USDA and EU rules on organic farming. We use the best organic practices to produce what we believe to be the best organic raspberries.


We are always learning more about how to better care for the land, plants and the nature around us. For us organic farming is a modern approach for farming that we accepted in order to work in harmony with nature rather than against it.




We are member of the Bulgarian Ogranic Products Association




The role of organic agriculture, whether in farming, processing, distribution, or consumption, is to sustain and enhance the health of ecosystems and organisms from the smallest in the soil to human beings.